TECHnically speaking

Have you ever had trouble connecting to the wifi, can’t get your google drive to work, or maybe even dropped your laptop in the pool, then you have probably needed help from our geniuses in the tech office. While they aren’t the most outspoken or rambunctious of our ISKL faculty, they do feel like the Avengers when you need them the most.

The first line of defense in the fortress of technology is Ms.Shidah, who has worked in ISKL for 18 years. She sets up everyone’s emails and gets everyone’s ID cards in order. Aside from her job, however, she is a loving mother of 5. “ I have two at college already and three at home with me, they are 15 years, 10, and six years old, so I am busy with these three, and we love to do family holidays… they also love technology and I try to open them up to technology.” In respects to their future careers, she states: “I will provide them with the education but it’s up to them.”

Next up on the tech all-star team, is the technician master himself Mr.Lee, he has revived many students/teachers laptops. Lee loves his tech. “My whole life’s been about computers…. I have worked in 4 other computer tech stores before this.” When out of the tech office, Lee likes to relax, play some video games like Crisis 2, watch TV and takes walks in different areas around KL. As Lee says “I keep my life real smooth”

Kartik, is the man you see come into your classroom when your teacher is trying to get the projector to work, with a few cable switches and quick look Kartik manages to fix anything. Kartik started as a temp at ISKL but as the years went on he learned more and more and climbed his way up to where he is today. “We are able to work with all the new technology and test if it is good for the school, it’s very interesting and exciting.” When Kartik isn’t working “I like to go out and be with friends, I don’t stay home alone too much.”

Finally, Mr.Rajinder runs the show behind the scenes. He has been here 16 years and manages 60 servers.  “Teamwork is important when you have teamwork, you see lots of good output, I have been here 16 years and there are people more senior than me, as well as there are juniors, and we all help each other. ”Rajinder’s love for computers dates back to his high school when one of his first original computers broke down, he took it apart, bought some pieces and fixed his PC and found his passion. He has increased his field of study in technology and he is still taking courses in cybersecurity to further his knowledge. Even when working full time, as well as taking courses, he still has time for his family. “Work is busy, I have to come in on many calls to fix different problems, but when I go home I have a little boy, and he is very attached to me, so whenever I am not at work or am free, I go and spend time with him, because I believe these next 10 years are very important for bonding between father and son and mother, and I want to build that.”

The next time you go to get one of your technology fixed, you will now know the stories behind the faces of our high functioning tech team.