Gun Violence: Our TAKE


In October, one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S history occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On October 1st, Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old man, killed 58 individuals and left 489 injured, at Las Vegas, during a country music festival. This mass shooting, in particular, certainly shook the world, headlining numerous websites and newspapers, and trending globally on all social media websites. “When I found out about the shooting, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe an individual would be capable of committing such a horrendous act of crime.” said Stanley 18’.  However, the bigger picture lies in the fact that mass shootings are becoming more and more prevalent in the U.S. The U.S has considerably more mass shootings than the rest of the world, but citizens don’t know what the best way to deal with this issue is.The same question has been going around social media post this shooting: Should the ability to purchase a gun be banned?

As of 2015, according to the American Journal of Medicine, for every 100,000 citizens, the U.S has 3.6 deaths, 3.1 more than the following two countries being Canada and Portugal. That is certainly an alarming rate, especially for us international students, who do plan to attend university in the U.S. Students all across the world are concerned with this issue. “Nearly all the schools I’m applying to are in the U.S and hearing about all these shootings certainly do scare me and my family a bit.” said Adarsh ’18.

According to the UNODC, out of the developed nations, for homicides by firearms for every 1 million people, the U.S has 29.7 deaths, 22 more than the country in second place, Switzerland. The U.S alone has 42% of all civilian-owned guns in the world. There evidently is a strong correlation with the number of mass shootings occurring and the number. In fact, according to Mother Jones, it is statistically proven that states with more guns have more gun deaths. However, Americans who are pro having possession of guns say that it is part of the constitution, which is the right to bear arms. This has created a divide for Americans who don’t really know how to deal with this situation. But, banning guns is not necessarily the only option the U.S has to prevent mass shootings from frequently occurring.

Nations such as Canada and Australia implemented stricter and more regulated gun laws after major shootings occurring in their respective nations, which has met with success.  As Omar ‘18 stated, there are ways the U.S can also possibly implement certain regulations in the future. “Americans don’t have to remove the 2nd amendment, but alter it, in the sense that, all gun buyers must be ID’d and the process of acquiring a gun should take a long period of time. This may help with fixing the issue of mass shootings and gun violence in general between civilians, but will also keep the 2nd amendment in place.”