GAP Nepal 2017: Rebuilding A Community

Nepal.jpg“It’s very meaningful”; the High School Principal at the Pokhara Viewpoint school in Nepal

This phrase was repeated several times by the principal who expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude for the difference ISKL students made over the GAP week, 2017.t

Beyond the trekking, the delicious food and the unique culture the students traveling to Nepal really had the opportunity to get down in the dirt and see the simplicity of their surroundings. Working with shovels and pickaxes, we thought we were spending a tiny fraction of their trip moving rocks and gravel. Yet what we didn’t realize at first was how significant our impact was in a community with little workers and resources”.”

In 2015, the small community that the Pokhara G.A.P trips visited was devastated by the Earthquake that struck much of Nepal. The community rooted in closeness and culture reached out to the families who had lost their homes and they made do for a few months. This was what inspired the principal of the Pokhara school to build a community center to provide a home and a place of gathering for the people of the community.

“ If we build the community house they can live here, settle here and have a home”; The Principal

The principal went on to detail the closeness of the community and their family and traditional values. He spoke about the song and dance that takes place at weddings and functions. In fact, the ISKL students were treated to this music and dance which made for a fun and entertaining night.

The ISKL students of this GAP trip took the phrase ‘giving back to the community’ to the next level as they repaid our generous hosts with their own possessions including Emily, ‘20 and Elvis,’ 20 giving shoes and clothes respectively to the people of the community. Other team members trekked through the entire village giving spectacles to those who needed it. Providing a sense of modern integration to the community.