Season One: Go Hard or Go Home

Varsity Soccer Seniors and Coaches

Coaches took to the stage to recognize the talent and dedication of their teams. Some tears were shed. The night meant finality, particularly for the seniors who said goodbye to their high school football, cross country, and volleyball careers. The night was for all athletes but it recognized those who had stepped up and made the season memorable.

Awards were given for the most improved player, the most valuable player, and lastly the coach’s choice. The speeches delivered by coaches were heartwarmingly personal, they recognized the students that had been coached for four years. The two four-year IASAS participants for this year were Alejandra ‘18 and Taylor ‘18 both Varsity girls football leaders. Stepping onto the field as impressive players in freshman year, they walked onto the stage and received their final ISKL recognition as commendable players and captains. The night was one of reminiscing for these two seniors who looked back on their time as young players growing with every new season and stepping into more ‘prominent’ roles on the team.

The night meant many different things for different athletes. For some, it meant holding on to the memorable moments of the season. Azni ‘18 cherished the ‘banter we shared’. Shea ‘17 also held on to the bonds he forged throughout the season ‘ my favorite part was really getting to know these boys and having a blast. I am really going to miss the seniors who will leave.’ For Adrien ‘18 on the cross country team, the most memorable moment was ‘watching Kayla come first and knowing that none of the boys could have ever done it and probably never will.’

Despite the successes and good times that being a part of a team include, the athletes also overcame serious challenges that came with their respective sports. Lorenzo ‘20 found ISAC and the hills particularly testing ‘to finish the race was pretty hard.’ Sophia ‘18, the goalie and most valuable player for the Varsity Football girls, expressed the difficulty of being in a position in which everything can feel like ‘it falls on you.’ However, with the support of her teammates, she was able to fit into her position with confidence and ease.

While there were many adjectives and expressions used to describe the seasons, perhaps the most telling one was said by the Varsity volleyball girls ‘go hard or go home’. All of the athletes recognized put their blood, sweat, and tears into representing the school and making the Panthers proud.

Varsity Boys Soccer

  • MVP – Omar Toubassy
  • MVP – Nikolas Wells
  • Coaches Award – Azni Azman

Varsity Girls Soccer

  • MVP – Sophia Peterson
  • Coaches Award – Alejandra Moreno
  • MIP – Valentina Moreno

JV Girls Soccer

  • MVP – Ada Eubanks
  • Coaches Award – Hana ElSoda
  • MIP – Kurumi Moriyama

JV Boys Soccer

  • MVP – Yannik Blackburn
  • Coaches Award  – Reeve Woodward
  • Coaches award – Coby Baker

Varsity Girls Volleyball

  • MVP –  Barbora Hyklova
  • Coaches Award  -Susanna Hyvonen
  • MIP – Loret Steynberg

Varsity Boys Volleyball

  • MVP – Liam Casey
  • Coaches Award  Max Webster
  • MIP- Shea Busaidy

JV Girls Volleyball

  • MVP – Maya Phinney
  • Coaches’ Award – Zoe Newbolt
  • Most Improved Player – Nava Saylany

JV Boys Volleyball    

  • MVP:  Jaemin Kim
  • MIP:  Hugh Coyle
  • Coaches Award:  Thomas Potvin

Cross Country Girls:

  • Most valuable runner: Kaya Foudy
  • Most improved runner: Wen Li Yau
  • Coach’s award: Elodie Perotti
  • Coach’s award:  India Cooper

Cross Country Boys:

  • Most valuable runner: Adrien Dorleans
  • Most improved:   Nolan Besserer      
  • Most improved:    Lorenzo Katz
  • Coach’s: Nazrin Zakaria