ISKL Dress Up… A Trick or Treat?

Panic. Pure Panic. Once news broke out on social media about a Halloween Tag day at ISKL, group chats were spammed, and direct messages were frantically sent. The race was on.

For most people, a group effort was made, coordinated outfits included cats, Local Chavs, or simply anything to push ISKL’s dress code boundaries – you better believe someone was wearing something within those categories. We even had our own “ISKL Vixens”.  When I asked Sage ‘18 what he thought of the tag day, he replied “To be honest I didn’t really focus on any work, well I couldn’t if i wanted to anyway, my group chat was blowing up with what we were to wear to school today!”

Lilitha ‘18 agreed with him, stating it was like “a battlefield of vibrations, every second my phone buzzed”. Unlike previous years, There was no competition for ‘Best Costume’, therefore the incentive for going all out with costumes wasn’t fully there. Ryan ‘18 stated “I didn’t feel as pushed to really go all out as I have done in my past years here, because there was simply no prize for how ridiculous you could look.”

This year was ultimately a success in the Halloween department. Looking around, almost everybody was dressed up as either an athlete, movie characters, or celebrity. For next year, the student body hopes they will bring back the outfit competition, it inspires incredibly creative students.