Fresh for GAP

The Global Action Program is an opportunity offered by the school for students to get more deeply involved with the world. On this trip, students travel to different destinations throughout South East Asia. They learn about a variety of cultures foreign to them while also develop connections with their peers to create lasting friendships. I asked a few of the freshman about how they felt about going on their first GAP trip. As expected, there were some mixed feelings.

Many freshman seem in the dark as to what their GAP trip will entail, but look forward to this uncertainty with a positive attitude. Romane, ’21, claims she is “excited to see what’s going to happen. Especially since we’re in smaller groups.” Olivia, ’21, shared the enthusiasm with Romane, “I think it’s gonna be a great experience, I’m going to be traveling with my friends so this will be another fun trip to remember”. 

Alexa, ’21, shifted her focus of GAP away from her friends and rather on their service involvement, “Even though this is just another school trip, I feel like there’s gonna be more work for the community which I’m glad.” Others interviewed expressed their increased understanding that although there is an element of friendship and camaraderie that comes with GAP, community service is the focal point of the trip. 

Some underclassmen are feeling apprehensive about their upcoming trip. Caitlin, ’21, said “I feel like it’s gonna be similar to Malaysia week? But I didn’t enjoy Malaysia week? I mean I could be wrong but I don’t really know.” 

Although there clearly are mixed opinions surrounding the upcoming GAP trip, freshman are about to embark on a unique opportunity that will result in some long lasting memories. I wish them the best of luck and encourage them to make the most of this special experience.