A Delicious Tradition

IMG_4726Once a month, seniors are delighted to discover an arrangement of snacks provided by the parents as part of a recent tradition known as ‘Senior Treats.’ Ms. May and Ms. Davis are the current moms in charge of this delicious initiative. They work hard to make it something special every month amidst the stresses that many in their last year of high school experience.  

Senior treats originated with Ms. Thomas in 2013 when her son was a senior at the time. Seniors would be surprised at their deck with different types of snacks, which they could then take with them on the go. Eventually, a shift was made in that seniors received emails prior to senior treats announcing their arrival. “Many of you have breaks and different schedules so we would like you to know when it is going to happen so you can come in and enjoy the treats,” Ms. May explained.

There has been a significant amount of support from the parents for this initiative. Currently, at least ten moms and dads of seniors sign up each month to provide some type of treat for their children. Ms. May notes, “I think we have got a group of parents this year who are really keen to be a part of their child’s day.”

Parents are fully appreciative of the opportunity that senior treats gives them to connect more with the student body. Ms. Davis explained her reasoning for becoming involved, “I just wanted to know a little bit more about the senior class. You hear all the names, but I’m not here that much to put names and faces together.” Many parents who aren’t actively involved in the community don’t know much about their child’s grade or their lives at school. Through volunteering monthly to bring senior treats, parents can interact with their kids in a positive and exciting atmosphere.

The pressure that accompanies senior year is immense. Senior treats is a short opportunity where students can forget about stress and enjoy themselves. Ms. May understands this, as she explains, “It’s a chance to celebrate all of you. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, you’re still working hard, you’re going to continue working hard when you leave this place so you do need a time to calm down a little bit and enjoy. You deserve it.”

Ultimately, senior treats is not only a meaningful tradition for students as a way to lessen the pressure that accompanies their final year of high school, but also is a way for parents to connect with their children and their life at school. Ms. Davis claims, “I’ve never seen something like this before. We have a wonderful community, and parents want to be a part of it. We love it.”