The Parents Behind the Scene

The PTA is not just a group of parents, they are the backbone of ISKL. They have always played a vital role in welcoming people to the ISKL community. They are very aware that bringing people together is an important role the group plays. “You need to have a relationship with the person to make that person feel comfortable. So you can break them out,” says Mrs.Parkash,  who is in charge of the International Fest this year.

Mrs. Lim, PTA president agrees, “we bring families together from whatever nationality you are from. We work together despite our cultural differences and differences in upbringing and language. We really try to bring everybody together, not just parents, parents and students, and teachers and admin. We try to make it fun.”

Whether it is helping out new families settle in or bringing teachers and students together, their enthusiastic and active participation in all areas of school life can be seen by one and all. In organizing small activities like Senior Treats and Pack Shack and large events like International Fest, they show their dedication and commitment.

Mrs. Lim says, “I got involved by putting my hand up really.” “I met a few parents who were involved… they would invite me to join this and that.” It was as simple as that, the PTA encourages all parents to be an active part of the community.

Being a PTA committee member, however,  is no easy task. “Right now it’s very busy because we are gearing up for International Fest. So we are here 3 or 4 days out of the week, for sometimes 2 hours, sometimes maybe 5 hours,”  said Mrs. Lim.  The work doesn’t stop when the school day ends. Mrs. Parkash, agreed that in preparation for important events “sometimes things pop up in the middle of the night…”. Creating worksheets, planning, and responding to emails are just some of the requirements of the job.

The PTA works hard to raise funds that go back to students for their benefits such as inviting writers and artists in the community to do workshops with the students. So much goes into being a part of the PTA community that students aren’t really aware of. However, they are integral to the ISKL family.