pers.jpgFrom freshmen stepping into a world of challenges, all the way to seniors overcoming the final hurdle that the end of their schooling, the face of high school is defined by stress and anxiety. However, as we go deeper we see the resilient and determined strive to persevere and achieve that characterizes students. While stress is inevitably part of the journey to success, there are ways to limit its negative effects.

“If you are going through hell, keep going.” declared Winston Churchill and most high schoolers can relate to this claim. As daunting as it seems, students have to experience stress as part of school, however dealing with this stress is something many people find hard to master. From sleep and television to running and boxing here are how ISKL High Schoolers deal with their stress.

“I take AP World so it’s a lot of reading to prepare for the quiz so you know I can often get stressed by that. I guess what keeps me going is the support I get from my family and teachers, and the good feeling at like the end.” –  Tehnish ’20

“ I do sports for ISKL and that actually relaxes me for IB cause I find sports very relaxing and so I can enjoy the training and matches and then be ready, in like the right mindset to study and succeed.” – Sung ’19

On the other hand, there are those throughout school who find it impossible to achieve a sense of balance, this results in them being overwhelmed. High School English IB teacher Mr Venables provides insight on how to master this seemingly impossible art. Mr Venables detailed that there’s no way around stress. He went on to say that ;

“students need to be careful that they keep things like free periods open at ISKL. Many students at ISKl think that they need to fill up all their blocks when they don’t, especially if they’re in grade eleven or twelve. I think students need to be cognisant of the fact there’s a ton of work to do and there’s limited amount of time and they should keep their free periods free and never take four IB Hl classes eve. Those things I don’t think are healthy choices”

When asked about the students and their expected mindset entering IB, Mr Venables gave reassuring advice by stating that he believes in a work-leisure balance ;

“ I see kids here who are very good at managing their time. Oddly it seems to be often the kids who are most involved in athletics, who are best in time management. They understand how to break a day down into its component parts and how to use those parts…… The kids who are varsity athletes have so many fewer hours than the rest of us to get their work done and they do a wonderful job at it because they’ve realised how to manage time properly”

According to Mr Venables, if Varsity athletes can manage their time work and leisure with substantially less time, then so can anyone else. 

Beyond sage teacher advice and the solutions of fellow students, there is no formula to solve stress and achieve balance, It’s a matter of trial and practice until a system works for you. You just need faith and commitment.