Come see the Musical


Next week, on the 5th of October, ISKL’s first show will be performed in the Robert B.Gaw Theatre. The inaugural performance of the 2017-2018 school year is going to be the world renowned “Beauty And The Beast” musical. Although rehearsals have been going on since almost the beginning of the school year, preparations for this musical began last year. The leading roles are Isabelle ‘18 and Robert ‘18 playing Belle and the Beast respectively, and Liam ‘18 playing the nefarious Gaston.

The rehearsal schedule has certainly been heavy for the cast, with rehearsals occurring almost every weekday for around two hours. Actors not only have to rehearse scenes, but also have to learn songs and dances for this musical.

“Hours and hours have been put into this production…” said Vitunjai Mohit ’18, who will be playing Lumier.

Being part of a musical requires serious dedication, it even requires giving up weekends for the play.  However, on the upside, spending all this time together has certainly made the cast closer and created lasting friendships. “Spending all this time together has made us much closer to each other than before… in the beginning, it was tough having to dedicate all this time to the play, but now that we have all become good friends, it has become easier,” said Vitunjai.

The cast is very happy with how the musical is turning out, as we approach the last few days of rehearsals. “Yeah, now that we can see how the play is finally coming together, I am really excited to perform for the school,” said Vitunjai.

Jai certainly feels this musical is a worthwhile experience. “Even if you don’t like Disney movies, this musical will be worth it. There will be acting, dancing, and singing; it has everything. This will certainly be a great musical and you wouldn’t be the only one amongst your friends who missed out on watching.” stated Jai. The cast and the production crew has put in hours and hours into producing a magical musical for us to watch, so make sure to mark your calendars and support our ISKL actors by watching the “Beauty and the Beast” musical.

Showtimes: Thursday 5th Oct: 3:30pm, Friday 6th Oct: 5:30pm, Saturday 7th Oct: 5:30pm