SASsy Dance Exchange

Opportunities to explore your passion outside your comfort zone are scarce. That’s why it’s important to take all the chances you can get! Ten ISKL dancers did just that and had the chance to alight their passions in dance with the help of the recent dance exchange located in Singapore’s Singapore American School (SAS).

Embarking on their journey the morning of September 15th, Isabelle ‘18, Emily ‘18, Haruna ‘18, Maya ‘18, Bea ‘18, Kaylene ‘19, Bertille ‘19, Natasha ‘19, Cheryl ‘20 and Evelyn ‘20 enjoyed a three-day trip that presented numerous dance workshops taught by professionals. A variety of workshops from Salsa Casino, Motion Fit Cardio Jam, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Jazz to Musical Theatre were offered. You could say that all the Salsa and Jazz allowed our dancers to get in touch with their sassy spirit!

Besides the awesome workshops, the level of interaction with other dancers from the IASAS schools really made the weekend very lively and gratifying. The positive energy and shared enthusiasm for dance was contagious! ISKL is certainly proud to be a part of the incredible community of dancers who all came together during this exchange.

Finally, another bonus for everyone was being able to watch the musical West Side Story in Marina Bay. It was an eye-opening experience, being able to see successful artists and pros onstage, in real life, instead of only through a screen.

Here is a video that highlights our dancers: