The Canvas of Ms. Tilton


Originally from New Zealand, Ms. Tilton, comes to ISKL after a six-year stint in Germany. She joins the community as one of our art teachers. 

Although Malaysia is new territory for Ms, Tilton, she is looking forward to her time here, “ I’m looking forward to learning more about a different part of the world.. and I’m really excited about seeing the different cultures, and experiencing the different experiences that are here.”

Ms.Tilton developed a strong love for education throughout her high school years. Being an art teacher, however, was not something she had in mind originally, “Actually I was going to be a science teacher first- I really loved science as well,.” As time passed, art turned into her passion. This, combined with her desire to teach, eventually lead her to pursue becoming an art teacher.

When she’s not teaching art, Ms.Tilton likes spending her free time traveling, learning new things, and making art (of course). Ms.Tilton is also very excited about the art program at ISKL and impressed with how passionate kids are about art. “I love that we collaborate, and I love how enthusiastic the kids are about learning art and enjoying creativity.” 

If you’re someone who is interested in art and currently not enrolled in any art classes, make sure to take the Visual Arts course with Ms.Tilton for an engaging and enjoyable experience next semester.