Season 1 Exchange

On the 15th and 16th of September, ISKL hosted this season’s volleyball exchange. Jakarta International School (JIS) and Singapore American School (SAS) were the only two IASAS schools to attend out of five, however, the missing competition was made up by the inclusion of several other competitive teams such as the state team from Queensland and addition of an array local teams.

Despite falling short against JIS on Friday, the boy’s varsity team powered through and found success in following matches. In their rematch, the boys defeated JIS with ease in the first two sets.

The boy’s team then played SAS on Saturday. Both teams battled for every last point, however, ISKL managed to prevail with a win. Unfortunately, the boys then lost to Queensland and SAS in their final matches.

The Girls Varsity team saw victory against JIS, but fell short against SAS, United VC, and Queensland. Their playing was nonetheless impressive, as each player displayed clear determination for success combined with consistent hustle.

Not so far away in Singapore, the girls and boys soccer teams also had a successful exchange. Neither team lost to any IASAS schools, as the girls tied JIS 0-0 and SAS 1-1. The boy’s team defeated JIS with an impressive score of 4-0, and also tied SAS. Both teams look forward to IASAS as they will be force to be reckoned with in Bangkok.

The spirit displayed by ISKL was immense, as students showed up at games covered in blue and yellow face paint cheering on their panthers with clear enthusiasm. Several of the players on volleyball team even noted that the amount of support for their games on Friday was the most they had ever experienced in any sport.