Knowing Naughton

Enter Mr. Ryan Naughton.

Mr. Naughton departed his old school in Beirut with a positive outlook on the new chapter of his life. When asked how his transition has been thus far, he stated that the school is “very similar in nature” compared to his previous one, given he also used to work at an international school in Lebanon. “Learning new things every day, like meeting new people and putting faces with the names has been an enjoyable learning process.”

Athletically speaking, Mr. Naughton’s old school had a similar program to our “IASAS,” their previous conference with Syrian schools, however, this stopped due to Syrian civil conflicts. which arose after their previous conference with Syrian schools broke down due to the Syrian civil conflicts.

Contrary to popular belief, this adult wasn’t always an adult, he was like us once! Picture a teenage version of our new head of athletics, ravaging the basketball courts and dominating the baseball fields in a Chicago high school.  “High school basketball was where the famous NBA players who came out of Chicago played…. I played against Antoine Walker who won a championship with the Boston Celtics and all these famous people in Highschool so it was great to be against those guys”

To add yet another aspect to Mr. Naughton, he also follows the English Premier League, as anyone who’s been in his office knows. He has a Liverpool flag hung on his bulletin board, and a Manchester United mug on his desk. When asked what team he supports, he answered “shamefully”, “I support Liverpool, I don’t know how that united cup got there, but it’s going to be gone soon, may ‘accidentally’ fall off my desk and shatter”

Mr. Naughton is very familiar with many sports, and I recommend everyone to go get know our new Athletics Director, you won’t regret it.