A Guide to Mrs Weber

weber“I’m a big foodie so I’m really excited about … the low cost of the food. I also am really into sort of the melting of cultures here. Still adjusting to the heat but other than that I’m really enjoying it.” These are some of Mrs. Weber’s initial thoughts on Malaysia.

She is health conscious and eager to make an active effort to preserve nature. She enjoys sports such as hiking, swimming, and badminton. “I went on my first hiking trip this past Sunday…. we hiked about three hours straight up and then spent about an hour on top of the mountain and hiked two hours down and I’m still sore, it’s Wednesday. So, yes I would like to hike more so that I get used to it.” Another healthy choice Mrs. Weber has made is to follow a vegetarian diet but admits to indulging in seafood, therefore she calls herself a pescatarian.

When asked what countries Mrs. Weber would like to travel, she already had her list ready to go. Myanmar was her first choice in Southeast Asia. Next was Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. She would also like to get up to Nepal and do a circuit there. 

Mrs Weber has taught all grades, from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. She says “ I was surprised at how much I really liked teaching middle school but I really like being with high school students”. She is really looking forward to going on the GAP trip to Indonesia. “I am very excited to work with students learning outdoors instead of just in the walls of a classroom.”