A Brief History of Ms Jonsson

Ms. Julie Jonsson is a high spirited social studies teacher who grew up in Wyoming, United States.  She has traveled and lived in numerous countries such as Laos, Argentina, and Cyprus, experiencing and embracing numerous different cultures and lifestyles.

Ever since moving to Kuala Lumpur, Ms. Jonsson has been particularly fond of the rainstorms that this city is ever so familiar with. She has a love for sport and adventure and that passion has never taken a break.

In fact, Ms. Jonsson expressed her ideal vacation to be relaxing yet filled with adventure. She sure has a passion for what she does, describing herself as a “total history nerd” citing her interest in 20th-century history as being the most fascinating and relevant in the world we live in today.

Ms. Johnson’s love for the subject she teaches reflects in her aspirations as a teacher stating that she loves watching her students grow. She strives to help students not only do well but understand and appreciate the subject matter of her class. Everyone finds inspiration and meaning in those that they look up to and Ms. Jonsson finds that in her older brothers.

She wants to live up to the example they set and prioritize and get the best out of all aspects of life. Away from school, Ms. Jonsson loved to run and she’s usually training for some race or another. Additionally, she has a liking for light hearted television sitcoms, appreciating the contrast from the often dark aspects of history.

When asked about the best parts of ISKL, she pinpointed on the students where she admires their drive to learn and enthusiasm in class. ISKL now has another enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate teacher in Ms. Jonsson.