The New Kindle at ISKL


Joining the community as a member of the Learning Resources Department in the loft, this is Ms. Kindle’s first big move as an educator outside of America. Despite the change of scenery, she has enjoyed her stay so far.

Ms. Kindle has two children that did not accompany her move. Her daughter is currently finishing her senior year studying communications and information systems at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. Her son is living with his cousin in Germany, as he is a senior in high school and decided to finish in Germany.

Referring to herself as an esteemed ‘yogi,’ Ms. Kindle is serious about yoga. Other than doing that, Ms. Kindle is also passionate about running, cooking, baking, sewing, and listening to music.

To finish off the interview, Ms. Kindle was asked if she could have all the money in the world, how would she spend it. She thoughtfully replied, “I’d probably spend a lot of it on traveling and.. finding a project that I’m passionate about supporting women who are in economically depressed areas… I would also probably spend some money on just a house in a location that is close to where my kids end up living so that as life moves on I will be able to be closer to them.”

While far from home, Ms. Kindle will find a new one in ISKL.