24 JAM: Firefly

The annual 24 Jam was held once again, ISKL actors and directors convened at the Robert B. Gaw Theatre last Friday, September 8th at 6pm.

24 Jam allows IB directors to experience (for their first time) directing an ensemble. This is a practical implementation of their learning.

For senior directors, the task was more elaborate, as each student was given a practice to research and were pushed to incorporate into their act.

In terms of directing an ensemble for 24 hour Jam, directors had to trust their teams completely. They allowed them them to bring their own ideas to their productions.“You have to trust your actors and have leniency in allowing ideas to come forward during the day to make the piece better” Alice ‘18

While there was some flexibility a theme had to be followed. This year’s matter was Firefly, the pseudonym of writer Bandi, who managed to smuggle out his story to the world, making it the first published work from North Korea. Every team had to  incorporate the message of bringing an idea out from the dark and shedding light onto its essence.

Even though the whole event might not have been 24 hours, the teams were still able to put together a show in merely a couple of hours. The IB directors were given some time to prepare, however,  most of the heavy workload was done the night before consisting of last minute blocking and script change.

Regardless of the limitations, the experience was memorable for all those involved. “Stressful but insightful and a whole lot of fun!” – Alice ‘18

Additionally, the tech team faced as much pressure throughout the day. The crew members only had 20 minutes to learn the queues of each act, meaning there was no full run through of the show, and the live performance was a first for everybody.

Thankfully, the show was a success, and all of the teams presented a powerful message and a moving performance.

This year, 24 Jam was included in the Moscars Awards 2018, an annual recognition of the performing arts, where the most outstanding ones are now voted by the public.