A Librarian’s Life

Mr. Crandell finds himself joining the ISKL community surrounded by books. He admits that he misses his former home in Abu Dhabi “The friends I made there, more than anything else. It was a good time. It was a lot like here the school was great. The way it operates, the way people work together, and how fantastic the students are, I mean you guys seem like you want to be here, and that’s the way it was in ACS too.”

Mr. Crandell’s journey to becoming a librarian and traveling the world originates with his wife. Initially, he had set out to become a sports journalist and actually practiced this for years. His career included meeting Terry Bradshaw and interviewing most of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He went into this field of journalism because  “I wasn’t good enough to play, so I figured if I wanted to do something with sports as an adult I would do it on the other end of the field. After a while, I decided I wanted to go see the world.” Mr. Crandell’s  wife had been teaching at an international school in China and “we thought the way to travel was to be an international school couple.”

He began as a publications and history teacher at international schools. Later in life, he went back to school, realizing his real passion was for research and books. His favorite part about being a librarian, however, is reserved for students. “It is great to know that every now and then I can introduce them to a book that they end up loving or talk with them about the way their paper is going.” What Mr. Crandell looks forward to most in ISKL is to “get into classrooms. I want to be able to work with students as much as possible. I want to help out wherever I can.”

His children is a perfect representation of his passion rubbing off. When asked if his children liked to read he shared “All three of my children. Even my son–this crazy sports outdoors guy still likes to read. My daughters, they read instead of doing their classwork, they read so much we had to try and stop them.”

Whether it be instilling a deep love for reading in his children or advising students, Mr. Crandell is ready to “read a lot and listen.” He urges ISKL students to know “I want to help.”