A Creative SLAM

ISKL students took part in a poetry cafe at Sunway International School this past weekend. The event was supposed to be a poetry slam (competitive competition) but due to the smaller number of participants, it was downsized to a poetry cafe.  This didn’t deter our 17 representatives, as even two Grade 3 readers were taking to the stage.

The venue was very creative, and resembled a cute, darkened cafe. Many tables were set up, each with a little lantern. In the back there were homemade treats by one of the Sunway International School food classes. A combination of around 30 performers, from both ISKL and Sunway International School, courageously went on stage and shared their poetry. The poems were all filled with emotion, centered around different themes of love, politics, and even body issues.

In poetry cafes and slams, when the audience likes a part of the poem, they snap instead of clapping. This was interesting for new performers like Zoe ’20, “In class we watched poetry performances, and the audience would snap, I thought it was so cool. But being a part of it was even cooler. Especially when you get to start the snapping “domino effect”.”

With such a caring environment, people felt free to take risks, and put themselves out there.

Anna ‘20 said, “I have never been to a poetry cafe, slam, or even read poetry out loud besides in class. I was so nervous when we got there, the room was small so it made it seem like there were more people. I messed up a couple of times while reading, but everyone’s really supportive so it was fine.”

Justin ‘19 also took place in the poetry cafe, and said, “the poetry cafe was such an amazing experience because for many of us we never got to attend a real poetry reading. The atmosphere was really fun and you could tell that everybody wanted to celebrate how much thought and effort people had put into their work. The free food didn’t hurt either.”