iskl17: Instagram Page for Our Leaving Seniors

The ISKL class of 2017 has started a new Instagram page with the handle @iskl17 a convenient medium to find out the plans of the seniors after they leave ISKL.

The page itself features pictures of every student in the class of 2017, information about their future plans such as courses they might take and universities they will attend along with an encouraging caption. It now has over 400 followers and 76 posts of different students from the senior class.

The initiative itself was started by Isabella ‘17 and Laura ‘17 to connect all the students from future, past and present years. Isabella said they were inspired by other IASAS Schools as they did similar initiatives.

“When people know where you are going, you can see whether you have any similarities. It just allows you to have another type of family in another country.

The duo roamed around school questioning students about their plans to which the students write the answer down on a small whiteboard. Equipped with a camera, Isabella or Laura take a picture of the ambitious students.

As certain students are apprehensive when revealing future endeavours, as it may not beset in stone yet, Isabella remarks that, “It’s no pressure. You can write whatever you want.”

When Isabella was asked about her plans with the page for the future senior classes, she was unsure. “I mean if they wanted to use our Instagram page that is completely fine. We will definitely leave it and see how it turns out.”

If you are curious, just search for their handle @iskl17 to find out all you need to know about this year’s leaving class.