The Fidget Spinner Craze

Fidget Spinners.JPG

As you have probably noticed, there has been a new trend at ISKL; fidget spinners. A fidget spinner is a fan shaped mechanism with a range of wings. They are designed to help people who have ADHD or trouble with focusing. But now the device is slowly becoming instagram famous. At first, they were sold in pharmacies, now ‘streetwear’ shops have started to sell them.

Despite the sudden surge in demand over the fidget spinners, these devices have actually been around for awhile. Catherine Hettinger, a woman from Orlando was the original inventor of the spinner in 1993. The original name of the fidget spinner was, “spinning toy”.  But Ms Hettinger isn’t getting any money from the fidget spinner sales. In 2005 Ms Hettiger gave up the patent, unaware that in years to come it would become the spotlight of attention for young teens. 

So, why are they so hyped? Sheersh ‘20 believes that like every fad, people are just trying to conform and join the trend, despite there being nothing special about the product.

“It’s just a social tendency to conform to the happening things and gradually the trend started growing between friends. Otherwise, in terms of the product, there’s nothing special that attracts people, there really only is the fidgeting aspect”.

On the other end of the spectrum, Simone ‘20 believes that they are actually helpful. Rather than fidgeting with your fingers, she believes the spinners can be used as a mean of distraction. She also continues to say that her sister is currently in the IB, and it helps her sister concentrate. “After my sister told me that it helps her concentrate during the IB, I realised the importance of it”.

Whether we believe that fidget spinners are useless or actually help with concentration, they have  become a part of our lives.