Chong’s change: Mutiara to ISKL


Grade 5 to Grade 10, or rather year 6 to year 11 in the British system is how long Chong ‘18 has been at the “school next door”. He had crossed over the fence and is now one of our peers. He joined ISKL in August of his junior year. “I came here ‘cause I wanted to do the full IB diploma which is pretty recognized and my dad thinks it’ll lead me to great success in the future.”

“Towards my final year when I was a senior and junior, there, I felt like I lived a pretty busy life, it was quite hectic ‘cause I held a lot of positions”  like House Captain and Deputy Head Boy, head editor and chair in his school’s MUN.

“It’s extremely small in comparison to ISKL, in my grade I had like, 50 people.” He continues, “that kept everything pretty tight knit.” His feeling of MIGS being tight-knit included students to students, and students to teachers.

Chong talks about the opportunities ISKL has given him, “we didn’t really have after school activities, only on one day, Thursday; we usually just go home at three and that was that.” Other than Chong’s involvement in sports and music, he’s made quite a reputable portfolio for himself at ISKL in the theater. “ISKL gives me so many more opportunities I never imagined I would have” He goes on to talk about the clubs we have at ISKL, especially in the area of community service which wasn’t as prevalent in his old school.

“I think that ISKL has given me an opportunity to advocate for the things I enjoy.”

As a trifecta of the three Honor Societies, it’s safe to say that Chong has seized these opportunities.

 “I felt like the community [at ISKL] was very very welcoming, I mean I made so many new friends, I’ve talked to so many new people and really it just feels natural.” I feel like I’ve adapted and assimilated pretty well I’d say” he remarks.