This year, the Moscars was held at the Robert B. Gaw Theater on the 12th of May. The doors opened at 3:15, and as ISKL’s performers and crew members trickled into the theater lobby, they were greeted with photographers and a red carpet.

The Moscars (mock-Oscars) is an annual event held in order to celebrate the accomplishments of the performing arts in ISKL. In previous years, it was regarded as a more intimate event, held in the Drama Studio. However, this year, the department pulled out all the stops.

As the doors to the theater opened, dancers, actors, and student technicians assembled with a partner in a line to walk down the red carpet that led down the stairs, to the stage. Marisa ‘17 and Justin ‘19 emceed the event, and ushered everyone in as they took their seats. From there, the ceremony began. To start off, the promotional video for ISKL was shown, as several members of the ISKL community were featured in the advertisement. From then on, participants in pieces including 24 Jam, IB Theater, Almost, Maine, The Good Doctor, SEA Forensics Solo and Duet Acting, Hamilton, and One Acts were recognized. A special mention was given out to Guillaume ‘18 for the producing and directing of his play, Superstitions, which was performed at One Acts. Throughout the program, awards were given out for concept, performance, and tech.

As CulCon Art, Dance, Drama, and Tech was held at ISKL this year, there were several people to recognize. The IASAS Dance and Drama teams were recognized, as well as the numerous students and staff members who helped with technical work and hospitality. Several people worked diligently and dutifully to pull off a great CulCon, and as they often get overlooked, the Moscars acknowledged and commended their efforts.

Those that were involved in the May Dance show were also celebrated. This year, the DancElite team performed their piece, Breakout, at the dance show. This show was set in a mysterious clown house, and was a flurry of acrobatic dancers, swings, and colorful costumes. Lux Anima, a show created by Haruna Suzuki, featured in the Moscars. Haruna gave out her recognitions—most notably to Tiffany ‘19, who performed despite having had a serious leg injury a week prior to the show—and received recognition herself, for having envisioned and executed the 20 minute show. Technical awards were given out as well, giving recognition to the countless hours students put in behind the scenes.

In addition to the awards, the Moscars were an event to celebrate the new members of the Thespian Society. This semester, 14 inductees were admitted into the society, granting them recognition for all the hard work they have put in the performing arts. The Honor, National Honor, and International Honor Thespians were called to stand for their extensive commitment to the theater and performing arts.

This year slightly differed from last year’s Moscars—not just for its venue or atmosphere. As the performing arts continue to evolve, artists tend to find new mediums each and every year. As a result, in ISKL, there is a flourishing number of aspiring directors and videographers in our community. So, those who had created a film in the past school year were acknowledged as well. Danial ‘17’s film, Identity, was featured.

Finally, the Moscars drew to a close, as several notable faculty and staff members were recognized for their diligent and passionate dedication to the theater. The whole affair was moving to several people in the Robert B. Gaw theater—as seniors, coaches, dancers, technicians, actors, and staff members realised that this vibrant year of plays, musicals, student performances, dances, had come to an end.

Justin ‘19, recaps, “The Moscars are so important because it’s an event where we celebrate all the people and productions that have made the performing arts so amazing the past year. It’s also really awesome because it represents a place where performers and artists are recognized just like athletes at awards night… A lot of people were also recognized for the hard work they put into the arts here, especially seniors, and it was a great way to remember to all the fun times we spent at rehearsal.”