Faisal Cup; through the eyes of a participant

These past two Saturdays ISKL has had the honor to host Faisal Cup, a sports event made to honor a young refugee student who drowned in a river after chasing his football. The event was filled with lots of excited football and netball players, and one of them was Ashleigh.

Ashleigh is 18 years old and started playing both football and netball last year. Although she has only played the sports for a year she really loves both of the sports.

“You can really make connections with people”, she addressed. “Also when I feel stressed or sad, and then play football, I get happy again”.

Ashleigh practises 2-3 times a week together with her team, but this is her very first “real” competition. She explains that it’s very different playing with her team on the small field near their school compared to this huge cup with cheerful crowds and real opponents. She is loving the atmosphere the Faisal cup is allowing her to experience. “It’s more of a challenge so we can push ourselves more”, she explains.

Since she really loved her first experience playing in the cup, she strongly encourages others who haven’t played much to join too. “It’s a very good opportunity for people who want to try new things”, she assured. “It’s also a very good opportunity for those who are very shy and scared to come and meet new people”.