The All New: Ladies Night

On Saturday April 22nd at Melawati, the Chamber Choir performed in ‘Ladies Night’. The concert showcased the talented voices of 21 singers, whilst the audience indulged the savory food and participated in the art auction.

Ms. Baird, with 20 years of experience as a conductor, led the chamber choir. She explained how she can sometimes struggle with the big picture,and with all her experience she still gets nervous. 

But nevertheless, the effort and commitment that came with planning the event was worthwhile as Ms. Baird shared, “I think it will be amazing… The room looks beautiful, the art around the room is stunning, the smell of Mikey’s Pizza is filling the room, you can’t go wrong with that… I think it’s going to be a very successful event.”

Maria ‘19, a member of the Chamber Choir had, “been working on this show, I think you could say for the whole year. Because some of the songs we’re performing tonight, are actually some of the first songs we started working on. So, the show itself was thought up this semester, but all the songs you’re hearing were brought up over time.”

As a result she, and the other musicians, felt quite at ease with the upcoming performances. Her only worries were not having “enough food. I think the music is pretty solidly done, like ready to go. I think mostly just logistical planning, like way more people showed up than we expected or I don’t know.”

The night showcased 20 songs, among which were popular hits like: I See Fire by Ed Sheeran and Somebody to Love by Queen. The concert even included two songs, All We Have is Time and Space is a Scary Place, produced by an ISKL student and chamber choir singer, Joselin.

A parent of one of the Chamber Choir singers, Patricia Hansen, summed up the night by saying, “the Ladies Night was different from your average concert because there was a variety of genres performed. Also, the students were able to share their talents in the forms of duets or solos, there was a lot of talent in that room.”