You heard about it, we reviewed it: Riverdale

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 January 26th, marked the date that Archie Comics released their first episode of the new Teen Drama Show Riverdale – it’s a hit! The show is based on the comic books “The Archies” first published in 1942. Despite the fact that the characters in the comics have the same names and looks as the characters in the show, they are unique in their stories and plots.

Riverdale is a gloomy small town in America. The weather is perpetually foggy and gray, setting the scene for a suspenseful mood. The main characters are sophomores, returning back to high school after summer. Much like most American High School TV shows, Riverdale has the regular high school archetypes: the mean cheerleader ruling the school, the cute American Football guy that everyone crushes on, and the sweet innocent girl with perfect grades falling in love with the boy next door. Yet there is so much more to it. A Secret murder looming over the town, a forbidden love and chilling family feuds.

Riverdale is not only a thrilling show but it also provides social commentary. Beginning with a group of activist African American teenage girls, to a football coach’s son kicked off the football team for his rude, sexist comments. the show truly portrays and educates its viewers about several controversial issues in society.

The show transcends stereotypes and several archetypes. The characters are dynamic and interesting to watch as they deal with the obstacles the producers create. The topics discussed are relevant to high school students, making it intriguing.

The next episode of Riverdale will be released April 27th. The show is already 11 episodes in, so get comfortable and watch. Its worth it!