The IB Art Exhibition

Last night marked the opening of the IB end of year art exhibition. The library was transformed yet again into a gallery where the young and talented art students displayed their work. There was an array of artwork, including sculptures, paintings, charcoal, drawings, and more medias.

The wonderful pieces highlighted two years of dedication to craft. Below each artist’s section of the exhibition was a photocopied version of their sketchbook. This allowed the speculators to learn more about the artist’s methods, and see the planning of their work.

Mr.Davidson started the night with a welcoming speech. Later on, the students gave their own speeches in respect to their artwork. Each student talked about themselves and their process, with their artwork displayed on a slide behind them.

After the introduction ceremony, the gala walk started with light refreshments. The artists all looked very pleased with not just themselves, but each other, for this event marked the end of their two year journey.

Being the teacher behind all of this wonderful creativity and talent, Mr.Davidson was very proud. He had this to say about the year as a whole, “This year’s IB students worked very hard to create creative, enthusiastic, detailed work, with lots of meaning and a lot of effort in to produce a good body of work over the two years. I’m very proud of the work they have done, and you should all come and see it.”

Stop by the IB art exhibition in the library this week, if you haven’t already had the chance!