JV Plays Hard Season 3


As IASAS comes to a close, it’s important to remember that this season there were also many JV players working hard to improve. Third season sports offered track and field, badminton, golf, fast pitch and baseball, however only badminton, and fast pitch sported a JV team. While JV doesn’t get a chance to participate in IASAS, they have the opportunity to compete in games throughout the season, and usually a few tournaments along the way.

Varsity may be the goal for many athletes trying out, but the JV team is also a great opportunity for training athletes. The JV program is in place to develop younger athletes skills, and to act as a feeder program for the Varsity teams. 

Below is a few athletes perspectives of how the JV season went overall.


Simone ‘20 JV Girls Badminton

“I really enjoyed badminton because, the first time I actually played competitively was in 8th grade. So in 9th grade I thought it was gonna be tough, which it was, but I actually think that I’m going to enjoy it more now and in the future. It pushed me to my limits and I really enjoyed it.”


Elen ‘19 JV Girls Fast pitch

“JV season actually went pretty good, we learned a lot, we learned new stuff about fast pitch, and I really enjoyed that. Considering me as a second year of high school student I’m looking forward to going to varsity new year.”


Sheersh ‘20 JV Boys Badminton

“I enjoyed my JV badminton season this year, it was my first time playing badminton and it was a great experience for me.”