Panthers Can’t Keep Quiet

The song, “Quiet”, rang across the world on the 21st of January, as protesters in the Women’s March echoed it’s fierce message of determination, empowerment, and strength. It soon became known as the unofficial anthem for the Women’s March, which was made of approximately 5 million protestors on all seven continents (even Antarctica!). The song emulated everything the protest stood for — resistance to threats against women’s rights, religions rights, LGBTQ rights, worker’s rights, and human rights in general.

Although the physical protest has passed, the message still continues. MILCK, the artist of the song, has dubbed April 8th as “I Can’t Keep Quiet Day”. This day falls four days after the birthday of Maya Angelou, who turned her traumatizing events of sexual harassment and abuse into art. In honor of this day, MILCK invited people from all over the world to participate in the movement and join for a day of sonic prayer.

Her inspiring call for unity and resistance has not fallen onto deaf ears. In response to this movement, students from ISB and ISKL started to collaborate in early March to create a video of unity. Dancers from both schools created a routine, while the VOX club in ISB covered the song. Additionally, students participated by making posters that highlighted why they couldn’t keep quiet anymore — whether it related to gender equality in society, diversity, or identity. ISB’s clips were filmed by Ava ‘20, while Zafran ‘19 oversaw ISKL’s shots. The final video was edited and compiled by Zafran.

Helena ‘18 of ISB reflects, “I thought it was a great opportunity to involve several different passions and arts to create something really impactful… the message [of the video] is about being yourself in earnest, it’s meant to empower women because it encourages us to no longer restrict ourselves. It is vital to speak up and stand up for what you believe in right now.”