IASAS Cuisine


IASAS is a week where talented students get the chance to display their talents in hope to either entertain or win a medal. While visiting the IASAS schools, the students get to try the foods that are unique to that particular school. You hear so much about the achievements that the student athletes/musicians are accomplishing, but you never hear about the food that is consumed to keep the students energized.

International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)

ISKL was the host of this year’s IASAS swimming. With the swimmers needing to re energized before and after a race it seemed only one food could do that job. The shawarma was the hit item on the menu and the majority of the athletes took advantage. Julian ‘17 was fortunate enough to have his last IASAS at home. “Swimming isn’t usually a popular sport here, but having IASAS at home made it special to all of us I think. The shawarma was what everyone was eating. I was surprised they had it”. Julian also thought it was neat that they had protein bars available as well. “The protein bar stand was cool to see. It was quite expensive but having foods like that that really benefits us”. Julian is saying goodbye as a captain of the swim team and he truly appreciated his final IASAS at ISKL.

International School of Bangkok (ISB)

When traveling to Bangkok for IASAS you would think that all you would eat in the classic Thai dishes, but the vendors that are brought in show us a different style of food choice. The chicken schnitzel seems to always be the top choice when selecting your choice of lunch. The schnitzel is so popular, when you are being briefed for the upcoming IASAS week, ISB’s athletic director has to mention it a few times just to let you know that it’s their specialty. Nathan ‘17 has a fond experience of the chicken schnitzel. Nathan has had an opportunity to enjoy this meal because of his time spent at softball in 2016. “I would literally eat two to three schnitzels every day, it was so good. It was something I could count on to give me the energy to play in my next game”. Nathan also mentioning that many athletes other than himself enjoyed the schnitzel just as much as he did. It really seemed to be an athlete favourite at ISB.

Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)

Jakarta International School always seems like they hosting an IASAS. This year alone they hosted a season one and two sport. Because of this they are always prepared for the hungry athletes. What makes Jakarta unique is that they offer different food trucks and vendors to the athletes. Foods ranging from barbecue to Mexican. Lizzy ‘17 was a member of the varsity softball team back in 2015. “They had all sorts of vendors in this back parking lot. They had a Starbucks truck and different types of food like barbecue and Mexican”. Lizzy also enjoyed the food trucks that were stationed there as well. “The food trucks had american barbecue that was really tasty. JIS had a lot of choices to eat so even if you didn’t want that food they had the canteen place open as well”. Lizzy was nothing but positive when discussing Jakarta’s food. I guess you won’t see many issues when eating the next time you are at JIS.

Singapore American School (SAS)

SAS seems to be the popular foodie IASAS school. There facilities are favoured by all and they are always prepared for an IASAS. What makes SAS a great place for food is that they have a wide variety including food from American vendors, not just their home country. Venders such as Subway and the beloved Baja Fresh serve food to the students and athletes. Natalie ‘17 has been to SAS for IASAS touch and track. Since she has been there multiple times, she has an opinion on the food served for the athletes.”Baja Fresh was my favourite food at SAS. It was also a favourite for the rest of my team. We ate there so often it was almost like a tradition to eat there”. That wasn’t the only place to eat as SAS was always prepared to serve the athletes.”There were parents serving snacks and things for us and there was always Subway to eat I guess if you didn’t like Mexican food”. Natalie and her team eats surely loved SAS and seemed like they would always be willing to spend a week in the city under KL.

International School of Manila (ISM)

ISM in the Philippines has recently become a powerhouse in sports such as rugby and touch. But how has there food been able to keep up with their recent success of the field. Faegan ‘18 was able to travel there for IASAS rugby in 2016. “There food was like a regular canteen. They had sandwiches and other things you would usually find”. But with that regular food there is always that one section that is different. “They had a Mexican service. You could get like burritos or or even nachos. I always ate a burrito every day usually after our first match”. There is always an extra flare to the canteens and the IASAS schools. You can always expect at least one part of it to be satisfying like Faegen and the Mexican food. It’s what makes ISM unique.

Taipei American School (TAS)

When students hear they are going to Taipei for IASAS they are usually very happy. In four years of high school it seems that getting to TaipeiS is very difficult depending on how many sports you play. On top of that they seem to be the school that offers nice merchandise to buy as well. But what about there food? Sam Moorhead ‘17 traveled to Taipei for this year’s IASAS Volleyball. “A lot of people and myself went across to get the bubble tea. It was super popular for the athletes and it’s one of the unique things that the school has”. With the bubble tea being across the street, Sam also had his personal favorite coconut water and nachos in the school itself. “My favorite food and drink during the week was definitely the nachos and coconut water. Ive never see coconut water at an IASAS so that was cool to see it at TAS”. Sam didn’t necessarily enjoy local food but he was pleased for sure for the things he did get to enjoy.