The Boys of Cul Con Dance

IASAS Cul Con was held at ISKL this year. We housed many students from dancers, to actors, to painters. Dancing is always a highlight of the convention with energetic and amusing performances. Usually you only see girls on the dance teams, but this year we saw two guys on the Taipei team. We at TAKE had the opportunity to hear their experiences of being part of a female-dominated event.

For Liam ‘17 and Michael 17’, dance has been something they have grown up with. “I started dancing when I was about 6 years old, and only started contemporary dance during my Sophomore year,” says Michael. Dance has been something he has been doing almost his whole life, while for Liam it was a little different. “I only started dancing in my Freshman year. The only experiences I’ve had would be the dance performances in school”.

Michael and Liam have really enjoyed their four years of dance in high school. Creating tight bonds with the other dancers has helped them along their way. “Dancing together with everyone just bring us closer and we become more of a family”, Michael stated.

With men dancing in a group of girls, it helps with new choreography that add unique aspects to their routine. “It actually helps out that there are two guys because we can do moves that a group of only girls couldn’t do. It separates our group from the others with the different moves we can perform”, said Liam.

With the two of them being the only guys at IASAS Dance, you might ask why this is the case. “I think there is still a stigma because of guys thinking it is girly to dance and if they do it, they will be made fun of. This was something that affected Michael when he moved back to Taiwan. He had stopped dancing due to the teasing from others.

“As you get older people don’t seem to care about it much and it’s normal”. Eventually, Michael got over being made fun of and continued to pursue his passion. Liam also agrees there is stigma.”I feel like it just isn’t popular between the other sports. People just don’t see it as a difficult thing to do but it really is”.

Liam and Michael should be proud of what they do and are an inspiration for all dancers.

“If you love dancing go for it. It doesn’t matter what other people say because in the end people shouldn’t care” Michael and Liam they say as their last mark on IASAS Dance at this CulCon.

We wish both Liam and Michael a bright future and hope they continue to dance in the future.