SEA Cup Champions 2017

The annual SEA Cup took place last weekend at Alice Smith secondary school in KL. Club teams including KLYS, RSC, ANZA, and many more competed to win. Malaysia was represented by KLYS in this tournament including teams from Bangkok and Singapore.

KLYS  U13,U15, and U18  teams went undefeated, and earned gold. The teams included a mix of students from ISKL, Alice Smith, and Garden.

At the start of the tournament the boys were hopeful, and believed they had a strong chance. Elvis ‘20 comments on their odds prior to the tournament, “A lot of new kids joined KLYS this year and I think the team that I’m on right now should be able to go through till semi final.”

Thomas ‘20 said this about their win, “It was really surprising, because we played well as a team, but we knew that it would be a really big challenge, so we were really proud that we managed to get the win.”

The SEA Cup was founded by Julian Verdina in 1988. The teams participating are from Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, and the invitational team from the host country. Each year the tournament’s location rotates between three host countries.

KLYS is a competitive club team that practices every week outside of school. Most of the passionate athletes that make up the club agree that it’s a great way to improve their skills, during the school’s off season.The commitment of these players has resulted in a well deserved victory!