First time at IASAS

IASAS arrives with an inevitable nervousness. Newcomers especially struggle to adjust to the competitive environment as they compete against talented athletes throughout Southeast Asia for a golden medal.

The great thing about IASAS athletics is that there are students from every grade that could be making a debut each season. ISKL was fortunate to host IASAS swimming last season and it gave us a chance to experience and understand what goes through an athlete’s minds. 


Charlie, ‘18, feels “it’s scary standing in front of so many people watching you.” 

Luckily, there are ways for athletes to get over their fear. Carlos, ‘20, from ISM practices breathing exercises before his races to try and combat any nerves he may be feeling.

The energy and enthusiasm athletes have for their sport is clearly evident. While swimming, Charlie reflects that in each race, schools would yell and scream to support their fellow teammates. He embraced this electric atmosphere, “everyone’s always on the poolside cheering. Looking up in the middle of my race and seeing my teammates there with me reminds me of why I love to swim.”

Ian, ‘20, from ISM admits that he let more seasoned team mates take the lead. as a newcomer to the team, he claims his points don’t really matter. Carlos supports this by agreeing that although he still makes an effort to support his team as best he can, “there are other swimmers way better than us. We have time to improve and eventually compete on their level, but for now the main take away from this IASAS is to use it as a learning experience.”

Besides the competitive nature of IASAS events, newcomers are excited to be able to meet new people from all walks of life. Every athlete interviewed was not only enthusiastic about their event, but also couldn’t wait to get to know other athletes around them.

Charlie firmly believes that sports are worth the gruelling training, as “it’s hard when you first start out.., but then eventually you can see that your hard work pays off when you go to amazing events like this.”