A Night of Showbiz: ISKL’s Hamilton Live Mixtape

Last night, the Robert B. Gaw Theatre was packed with an audience anxious to experience ISKL’s version of a Hamilton live mixtape. The show was student directed by Lily ‘17, with 25 high schoolers taking part.

The cast performed renditions of selected songs from the well-known soundtrack. In between the music numbers, Tanmay ‘20 narrated the show.

There was a variety of staging, whether it was one person on stage, a few or the full cast. The set was minimalistic along with the black costumes. The lead roles stood out in structured petticoats and lace ruffles, paying homage to the costumes in the original play.

During the performance, the audience jammed out, laughed and felt heartbreak. They were left cheering and wanting more at the end of the performance.

The cast was rewarded with a standing ovation. Ms. Jensen-Hengstler, a former drama teacher, gave her seal of approval,

“It was like a broadway production!”

The cast worked hard to receive reactions like hers, in the limited amount of time they had: they rehearsed during spring break.

This Hamilton mixtape is Director Lily’s passion project. Sarah ‘19 said this about her organisation. “We always had a plan for each day… This helped to keep things moving and on schedule since we only had a week to put the show together,” 

The tech aspect of the show also had to be done during a week. Natalya ‘19 was not only one of the leads but also worked on the lighting as well.

“Lily had a clear vision for the way she wanted the show to look and as the lighting designer, she gave me very clear visions for what she wanted. She was so easy to work with.” She remarks on Lily’s leadership.

 Jai ‘18 who played the star of the show, Alexander, talked about what the show meant to him.

“Every school year there is that one incredible memory that you know will always remain with you. For me this year it would be doing the Hamilton show.”

Jai also gave us an insight on what it was like to work with Lily as a student director and fellow performer. “Not just is it such a powerful story but to be directed by Lily, in her senior year made it all the more special. Lily is an awesome performer and I have worked with her before, but she is a completely fabulous director who makes things so easy. She is generous and committed and fun and I will truly miss her.”

It was an eventful night of showbiz in the Robert B. Gaw Theatre.