Freshies Take On Varsity

img_9872.jpgVarsity sports can be intimidating and hard to get into, with the level of experience and skills the players have. So when a Freshman makes Varsity it’s a good reflection of their ability to play with higher skill levels, and their individual talent.  Li Kay ’20 and Anna ’20, both freshman, faced the challenge of making varsity head on, and are now team members of Varsity Badminton and Golf.

Anna has been playing golf for a few years on and off, but only now has decided to join a team.

Li Kay stated this about her tryout experience, “During tryouts I was really nervous because I really hoped to make varsity, but knowing that this was only my freshman year, I wasn’t sure if I could make it.” Anna had a bit of a worry stating “Well one of the days of tryouts I wasn’t doing very well, and so I thought oh they’re not going to like me, or I’m not going to get picked. But just as any great athlete does Anna pulled through, and continued to work hard.

Now that Anna and Li Kay have both made Varsity they are hoping to use this opportunity as a chance to improve . When asked if they thought this experience would help them improve, Anna answered “Yes I feel like it really will. Especially since golf is not just girls and boys separated, they are kind of together too. So you can get a lot of helpful tips from people who used to be on varsity and went on IASAS last year, and have been playing for years and years.” Li Kay gave a similar answer saying “Training with varsity is definitely pushing me beyond my limits, and I know I will become a better player after.”

Hopefully these rising Sophomores will continue to pursue these sports all throughout high school. You never know where their talent could take them!