Talented Senior TAKES on Directing

14856011_1103069583075684_4147321829995459657_oShe begins her passion project with a determined stride. It is not an easy task at hand, regardless, she took on the opportunity during the last leg of her senior year: to direct the hit musical Hamilton at ISKL itself.

Growing up, Lily ‘17, has always adored the world of performing arts. As a child she would make her parents sit down on the couch and listen to her sing, particularly belting out songs from Little Mermaid or from Beauty and the Beast. It was going to New York City and seeing her first broadway show that she discovered her love for musical theatre.

With the push of Ms. Palko’s encouraging words and her passion for musical theatre, Lily decided to start her own production. She stated, “personally in my senior year, I still wanted the opportunity to have some musical theatre and still keep that culture alive.”

For her, Hamilton has always been her favorite musical since its release in 2016, so it wasn’t difficult when it came to choosing one. “I just decided I’m going to choose a musical everyone loves, one that’s very relevant and I’m just going to see who’s interested.”

Her head strong determination and dedication towards this musical is demonstrated as she continues to ensure that everyone has a great experience — in ways that reflect the passion of the kids so that they feel like “they’re not being forgotten about” and truly enjoy this production.

Being a director has allowed her to see things from a different perspective, giving her an unforgettable experience. “I was always the gung-ho kid that wanted the show to be amazing and now I get to watch those kids from the other side,” she admitted. “It’s really incredible to experience the process of putting on a production from the director side.”

However, it isn’t always easy directing a musical.

Unlike being an actress, being the director has it’s challenges. In casting her show, Lily has had to put the people who she loves and who she thinks are incredibly talented into roles. She expressed deeply, “I didn’t want to undercast someone, I didn’t want to undercast my friend or someone that I know loves Hamilton. So it is really stressful as a director and that was a hard part.” She added that she was conflicted as an actress too, as she wanted a role, a solo and to be on stage.

Nevertheless, she wanted to share the important themes reflected in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton with others and believed it is something the ISKL community should experience. She said, “Lin-Manuel Miranda’s message and what he stands for is so incredible. I just think that is something that should be recognized and that something ISKL and our diversity could bring to life too.”

Lily’s passion, determination and hard working nature should definitely be inspiration for all to strive for what we love and enjoy doing most.