A Behind the Scenes Hero


Culture Convention is the one fusion IASAS, as it is a blend of: art, dance, drama and technology. And although each art holds a different purpose, one of the branches of this convention is intertwined with both dance and drama. The technology team’s main goal is to add that ounce of magic to the dance and drama shows.

They work behind the scenes, so it’s harder to identify who they are. The one keeping things running smooth is Ms. Sesha, a hidden hero who allows the shows to go on. Last year, she went to Taipei to see what Culture Convention was all about. In 2017’s as the tech site director, she is involved with Mr Brawn, Ms Palko, Mr Howe and Mr Davidson in the planning and running of the event.

Whilst the student delegates from each school worry about the technology for their own performance, Ms. Sesha has to worry about the technology for each and every school. She explained that the hardest part about bearing this pressure is, we have a limited amount of time to program cues, get sets in and out, basically to make sure the entire production is running smoothly.”

Working in theatre tech is very distinct as instead of being spotlighted on stage, you are managing that spotlight.

For Ms. Sesha, “working behind the scenes is definitely most satisfying… I love working in a team and collaboration. That’s definitely a big part of behind the scenes. I like to think that we add the razzle and dazzle to the production.”

However every art has its struggles and theatre techno this is no different. “When working on tech there can be a lack of communication within the team, unexpected power trips, bulbs not working during a performance, doors getting jammed and not opening, many unexpected things can happen and I guess it is also those unexpected things which come up that make the stage an exciting place to work in.”

If you aspire to work in the realm of technical theatre, some words of advice Ms. Sesha gave was, technical theatre is lots of fun but hard work. Keep calm and have an open mind to have a good tech experience.