What is art?

img_1304This weekend, many different artists from different IASAS schools travelled to ISKL to show their creativity through different art forms.

ISKL offers many ways to express ourselves; video production, theater, art classes, ceramics and dance (just to name a few!). Cul Con is a great way to showcase our talented students but it’s also a great way to see what our IASAS family can teach us too.

But the question is: what is it that we express through art? What really is art?

Mr Stupka, who has been teaching different arts at ISKL longer than any other teacher at our school, explains that art to him could be anything, the important part is the perspective you view this anything. 

“You as a person will interpret that beauty differently than other people will, but in your interpretation, through your eyes and through your feelings, you could interpret that beauty into a piece of work.”

When asking the same question to Anna ‘19, she explained that she thinks there are more parts to what art is than just the creation of a traditional “final master- piece”.

“I guess it’s just about what you’re best at, how you like to express this. People interpret it in different ways, and if it’s beautiful to you, then I guess it’s art”, she concludes.

Irene ‘18  from JIS answers enthusiastically: “I think everything is art to me, like the place that we live, the architecture, the food, the clothes that we wear, the books that we read, the music that we listen to. Even if you’re not strictly a visual painter, I think that everyone experiences art is some form.”

No matter what you view as art, it’s sure to say that art is a way to express something into a piece of work. Considering all the different art pieces at our school right now, it really shows how we interpret and view life differently and that no one goes through life the same way.

We should appreciate and value the fact that we at ISKL have the opportunity to view different stories and feelings through different pieces and mediums, all around the campus.

Best of luck to all the artists visiting our community this weekend, as well as all the artistic panthers!