Library Turned Art Exhibit


With IASAS Cultural Convention in full swing, expressions of art and beauty can be found all over the campus. CulCon is the main event for the IASAS events outside of sports, and so all of the artists, thespians, and techies all take part in a week-long convention celebrating the fine arts. One of the most visible of the events is the art exhibit which is in the ISKL Library. During the Cultural Convention, the library is transformed from a place of studying and learning, to a place of appreciation and beauty.

To the students in ISKL that are not participating, the repurposed library is not a large inconvenience for the three days, as the benefit of having the incredible displays of painting, photography, carving, and other forms of art are incredible.

James, ‘18, sees it as “an advertisement of art, displaying its beauty to those who don’t normally interact with or are exposed to artwork. They have an opportunity to watch how people who know art express themselves in terms of paintings and drawings and sculptures.”

James agrees that this definitely isn’t a large inconvenience as he believes that “the artwork covers the space in the room, and obviously it is a piece of art, so we try to be more careful than normal, but it is not that different from when the library is normal.”

When asked about his favorite work of art he has seen in the library so far, James points to a nearby pencil drawing of a lion cub by Sae Kyung, an IASAS delegate from ISB. Titled “Soon to Be,” it is an exercise in realism, expertly drawn by the artist with passion. When asked what he likes about the drawing, James replied “It looks so real, like a photograph, but when you look closely, you can see the individual lines of the pencil.”