The Eyes and Ears of IASAS CulCon 2017


While being briefed, they were told that they are there to assist, “helping the teachers and helping the students get to where they need to be, figuring out their schedules and their rooms.” Aisyah, ‘19, said.  

Yet many of the helpers are finding there is a lot more to the job than just showing people where they need to go.

Every single one of the CulCon helpers are ready to help, where no task is too big or small for them to accomplish: Getting people water, buying them a snack, gathering the entire team up… however the level of weirdness is definitely noted. “One of our first tasks was to dry [the condensation off] some cartons of Milo and put them in a basket… 75 cartons of milo.” Aisyah, ‘19, said.

Raiya ‘18, had similar tales to tell, where in the tech rehearsal of a drama showcase she had to sit there with a bowl of water while they throw matches in it. “They don’t blow them out before throwing them in” she says

The helpers are expected to help set up for the other IASAS schools stage set ups too.  “We taped down the stage because [another dance team] need a black stage but we have a white stage” said Pratiti ‘17. “We spent 20 minutes taping it, I had 1 shoe and Raiya had my other shoe. We were trying to rub out the air bubbles.”

No one is assigned just one role throughout the day, where before being positioned as front of house manager, Jayda, ‘19, was also asked to look for a missing large painting from another school. She talked about the many boxes she had to search through in hopes of coming across it, thankfully being found shortly after.

Along with that, she was also asked to participate in a drama workshop “he [the teacher] asked me if I could participate in it because they needed one more person, so I did.”

While unpacking the boxes backstage, some witnessed things that they shouldn’t have, being told that specific props can’t be spoken about as it’s a “secret,” and  that teams can’t reveal anything until their showcase.

Through all that is expected of them, Jayda sums the job up well, “to make everyone happy!”

So, when you see these yellow shirts, give them a smile. They are the ones running around doing all the random jobs so ISKL Cul Con 2017 runs smoothly.