IMG_3296.JPGWhile Cultural Convention is happening this weekend and artists are experiencing the ISKL spirit, a group of business students have taken this opportunity to make an art auction to earn some money for a good cause.

“The art auction is put together to raise funds for the children of Chin” Faegan ‘18 says and continues “Our goal is to help the organization build a playground so the children can play”

The students believed CulCon would be the perfect opportunity to organize their art auction.  Teachers, students and visitors will already be surrounded by artistic endeavors. So they are hoping people will be inspire to bid on the action. 

The art pieces were donated by students and parents from ISKL, Spandana ‘19 expresses:

“The reason I chose to submit my artwork for the art auction was because  I feel that in this way, it [ Art Auction ] is not just to express who you are as an artist through a medium but also your gratitude and care for the cause it is going towards.”

The group of students who created Inspirauction include: Camille ‘18, Faegan ’18, Susanna ‘18, William ‘17, and Lizzy ‘17

Even though the auction is a business project and the purpose of it is to earn as much money as possible, Faegan ‘19 explains “we like to think of it as generating the most amount of donations so we can give back to the community rather than ‘who can make the most money’”

Faegan concludes by asking all artists, “If you do have any art donations, you can donate to Inspirauction for a good cause and get 10% of whatever your piece makes”