Femme: A Message Through Dance


“We can’t keep quiet anymore”

The motto ISKL’s IASAS dance team wants ringing loud and clear in their audiences minds.

Femme – is all about women and their position in the world today. The team focused predominantly on the inequality between the genders. One of the dancers, Kaylene ‘19 said, “To me, the message of the dance was that yes, male privilege exists and we’re not going to keep quiet about it anymore.”

This dance took many hours of hard work. But the team wanted to spend the time, they wanted to create something that was more than just another dance performance.

They have a message that is bigger than just the team or even ISKL. From the movements to music choice, everything has been made to reflect the world we all live in through these 8 teenage girls eyes.

“I think especially since we’re growing up and we’re teenage girls and we experience it, I think it is important to send a message to the audience to say, “Hey we want everyone to stand up for each other and we want people to be supportive of each other and we want to create an environment in school as we grow up of a society that’s not mean to women and not degrading to women” – says Kaylene ’19

Throughout, there is a recurring theme that it’s everyone’s obligation to change the ways of the world. No matter man or woman, no matter young or old, everyone has the responsibility to help the pressing issue of gender equality.

Kaylene stated that they felt it was important to be able to relate to the audience. “We tried to show how women are also a part of the problem and so since we are all teenagers I think it’s really relatable to have that dance about the whispers and the gossiping and stuff because that’s something that happens all the time.”

The set list helps to drive the message the dancers are intending.  As each song has its own individual meaning. One of the songs, “I Can’t Keep Quiet” by MILCK was chosen to be the final song. It was a song that was big in the recent Women’s March in America because groups of women would sing it in flash mobs during the marches. The lyrics talk about not bowing down to gender norms and speaking up for what you believe in.

Kaylene shared the story of how they picked the song, “So we were at practice and we were looking at videos from the Women’s march because we thought it was really inspiring and because it related to our theme, obviously, and so we were looking at it and we heard that song and we were like, “Wow, it’s so empowering”, and it’s exactly what we wanted to say so we decided to use it.”

The finale of the dance included an emotional and empowering performance that ended with all the dancers lining up and smudging their bright lipstick across their face as a representation that they won’t give in to society and the gender norms pushed on women.

It was a moment when the dancers really connected with the audience.

“I think it’s a symbol of unity as well that we are all standing together here for all the other girls in the crowd.”

Many congratulations are awarded to the dancers for taking on such an important issue through the influential and enticing art form of dance.

Good luck to all the dancers at IASAS!