Bausch’s Badminton Future

16936015_1322079321192849_2117411466_oIn addition to being a student at ISKL, Bausch ‘20 is a competitive badminton athlete who plays for the Kuala Lumpur Youth team. Currently, Bausch is 4th place in the U16 category in the state. He is a rising star in Malaysia.

When he was 8, Bausch recalls watching Datuk Lee Chong Wei, a Malaysian 3-time Olympic medalist, at the All Englands tournament. “I was watching him play and I thought to myself- wow that’s amazing, and so I asked my mum for a racket. They bought me this really cheap racket from like a 5 ringgit store. I literally used to just go out on the street with a plastic shuttlecock and I just used to hit it back and forth on a wall”. Since that day, Bausch has come a long way.

He has put a lot of effort and dedication into badminton. Currently he trains twice a day on weekdays and twice on the weekends in order to reach the competitive level he is at now. “After that day [getting the racket], I knew what I wanted to do. I put in a lot of training hours to reach the level I am at and even though I am really proud of how much I have accomplished, I know I still have a lot more work to put in.”

At the age of 11, one of his coaches recommended him for the state team. “I have been playing for KL since then” he states matter of factly.

One of Bauschs’ memorable moments comes from just last year. He was playing at a tournament on a trial to getting into the Ampang Jaya badminton club. This move would mean a rise from state level and into the national scene. “I entered the tournament and I was the champion so that’s like probably the moment I realised I was pretty good at badminton- and with that tournament I got into Ampang Jaya club which I am currently training with right now”.

He concludes by giving advice that he would give his younger self and to all the other aspiring young athletes out there. “Keep working hard every day- dedicate to the grind- make sure you never give up on your dreams. I would tell my younger self to suffer now and enjoy the fruits of your labour later- and also be thankful to those who helped you throughout the way. Don’t forget where you came from- and never take your success for granted”.

In the future, Bausch’s goal is to compete in the Olympics and make Malaysia proud. Just like his hero Datuk Lee Chong Wei did for him.