Isabella – On stage this weekend!

isabella-1The drive in Isabella ’17 is what has made her who she is today. Do not be fooled by this seemingly average teenager, for she is a warrior like no other. All-around entertainer, she definitely hits the performing arts with the mind-blowing combination of acting, singing and dancing. Although she does lack the crucial performance art of magic. 

Having acted and sang since she was ten, Isabella admits that she was not always that confident. “I was so worried about what people think and I always wanted to please people.”

She also shared her stories of rejection in 9th grade when she auditioned for dance and drama but never made it. The turning point, according to her, came in her junior year when she played Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes, having a character that is confident and has sensuality gave her a new outlook on how she performed. Now, by far a more mature woman, she says, “I can bring that confidence to the character.”

One thing that this actress, singer and dancer could not stress was the amount of time and effort needed to put on a great show. Isabella never shied away from the challenge however. “I really pushed myself to do dance because I thought all three art forms was what I wanted.”

In the process of success, Isabella has learned the way of keeping herself in check. “ I base my life on time management,” noting the stressful periods where she spends long hours after school and full Saturdays. “Things that are required are just passion,” says Isabella.

What is it about the performing arts that pushes her forward? According to her, it is a form of catharsis. “I don’t think about anything else and put on a character to get away from my life.” She attributes this emotion to the stage itself. “When you put all your time and effort into a show and it comes down to that one moment on stage when you’re getting applauded for all of the work you’ve done, it kind of makes everything worth it.” In fact, she calls the art itself freedom, saying , “I like the individuality of performances and the ability to do anything that you want.”

So now in her journey to become the best performer she could be, Isabella’s main ambition is to become a successful actress out there in the real world. With all her intensity and passion, she is not ignorant of the fact that it is hard to make it out there. She then added with a great deal of verve, her determination and passion for the stage. “But I’m never going to give up.”

“I plan on doing theatre, dance and acting all my life.”

At the young age of 17, she has nothing but life ahead of her. In the short term, she looks to putting on a show for 100 artists during Cultural Convention but in the future, who knows what?

A truly remarkable young woman, many people could take a page out of her book.

Catch Isabella dance and act live on stage at the Robert B. Gaw Theatre on the 23rd of February at 4.30 p.m. and on the 24th and 25th of February at 8 p.m.