Spirit Week and The Panther Cup Collide


From the 20th of February to the 25th of February, ISKL’s annual spirit week will be holding an assortment of games and activities that will complement the daily dress up themes throughout the week in tandem with the Panther Cup.

The Panther Cup, a newly introduced grade competition by ISKL’s student council is a semester-long competition that pits the students of different grades against each other in a multitude of events for the coveted prize of RM1500.

During Spirit Week, the themes for each day will include Hippie Day, Jocks Vs Nerds, Student/Teacher Swap, Tacky and Class Colours. Along with that, there will be games played each day during lunchtime along with a performance from each grade, ranging from dance to stand-up comedy.  

This will finally culminate on Friday with a field day, a 40 minute session on the field where the students will compete in a variety of contests such as variations of races and a tug of war.

Points will be tallied based on the placing the respective grade attains from each game along with the amount of effort placed by the entire grade to dress up according to the theme of the day where first  place win 400 points; second place wins 300 points’ third place wins 200 points; and fourth place wins 100 points.  

The current standings show the Sophomores in the lead with 1300 points; the Seniors following closely behind with 1250, the junior are at 1100 and Freshman 400 .


This comes after the first two events of The Panther Cup, The Hunger Games and The Lip Sync Battle.

The seniors were initially in the lead for the Hunger Games with the juniors making a brave comeback against the sophomores for a joint win while The Lip Sync Battle had the sophomores take the crown with their exuberant rendition of ‘Oops I Did It Again’ by Britney Spears.

Support your teams for victory everyday of this week!