ISKL’s Very Own


Streetwear has been a major part of the fashion scene, students and ISKL have been wearing it and look good doing so! The world of streetwear culture has become ISKL’s very own. But what about streetwear is bringing it into the halls of ISKL?  

Streetwear brands are typically worn by skaters. They sell skateboard decks and usually sell items and clothing that relate to skate culture. Even though these brands are targeted at skaters, they have made their way into the closets of people who’ve never been on a skateboard. ‘Supreme’ is an example of a streetwear brand that have resellers selling things that can get up to thousands of ringgit. When there are new releases of Supreme merch, people line up overnight on the street of New York to ‘cop’ the latest that Supreme has to offer.

The supply is limited. People are not afraid to do some pushing and shoving. There are such things as ‘collabs’ between streetwear brands that could be extremely coveted. Supreme has even started selling things like bricks. Yes, bricks you actually build a house with.

People say that supreme is using people’s infatuation with the brand as a way to see if they can sell just about anything.

Mattias ‘20 is an ISKL student that wears streetwear. He gives insight as to what the pull factor is of these brands. His favorite brands are: Bape, Comme des Garcons, thrasher, as well as some palace pieces.

He said, “I started wearing streetwear in 8th grade, when I was visiting London, Paris, and New York. My friends showed me a store called Frenzy hood, and like the designs of the T shirts captivated me immediately. In a sense you could say that the streetwear of the cities gave me a new perspective on clothes.”

I asked him what he found appealing about the brands. “The design, and the culture behind the, I guess, ‘movement’ so to say got me into the brands.”

“The fact that the clothes are so individual and iconic got me into the brands. Not everyone likes them, which makes the population wearing the clothes smaller, and more connected.”