2nd Season Sports Awards Night


As the clock struck 6:45pm, eager students, teachers, parents and coaches with full bellies shuffled into the Robert B. Gaw theater, anxious and nervous about the approaching Season 2 Award Night.

Another season of sports at ISKL has come and gone, only leaving behind incredible achievements, heroic wins, and memorable moments.

Which athletes would be chosen to collect the awards? Who would win what? Who were the Coach’s favorites? Uncertainty (and awkward hugs) were on the cards tonight.

Mr. Brawn introduced the various teams: Basketball, tennis, touch, rugby, and swimming, and congratulated them on how they placed among other IASAS schools in the tournaments.

An especially notable win came from our Girls Tennis team, who placed 3rd in IASAS and secured a bronze medal, something that has not happened in a very long time.

Moving on, Mr. Brawn spoke of the positive and welcoming community here in ISKL. How we openly greet guests from other IASAS schools.

He also mentioned how even individual parents from other schools have approached him to talk about how much they enjoyed their visit to ISKL, made all the more better by the warm and peaceful atmosphere and the friendly people.

Other notable moments include Mr. Long’s amusing speech, and the tears shed by coaches, teachers, and students alike in especially heart-warming occasions.

Despite the embarrassing embraces, moments of laughter and clapping that echoed in the theater walls, some tears also made appearances.

Mr. Johnson, when commenting on Boys Swim Team’s MVP Julian ‘17, allowed his emotions to show and teared up when wishing him the best in his swimming journey.

Mr. Cheng also got a bit emotional when he expressed his thanks and gave recognition to Mr Morehead, who has spent time building up this team from the middle school touch programs, and who has been “thinking, breathing, living touch through the season.”

Also mentioned by Mr. Cheng was how he was discouraged by the Varsity Girls Touch team not getting the win they deserved, but believed that “to lose a final, you must be in a final.”

On the other hand, Mr. Long went all out when giving his super long speech for the Boys Tennis teams, whipping out his fashionable sunglasses. “I wear them sometimes around school and I get really good comments about them like, ‘ey, that’s nice glasses,’ but since they’re kind of cracked and scratched, I figured it was me making the glasses look good.”

Mr. Long continued to make us laugh by throwing roasts around here and there. After some laughter and groans died down, the rest of the awards were distributed accordingly and received with grace.

This night marked the end of all sports in season 2 for 2016/17, completed by Mr. Brawn calling all teachers and coaches who assisted the sport teams to stand as students bestowed their last thanks to their exceptional adult leaders.

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the sports of season 2!

JV Girls Basketball
MIP – Simone Khan
1st Coach’s Award – Cate VanCott
2nd Coach’s Award – Yeongseo Lim
3rd Coach’s Award – Anna Lusk

JV Boys Basketball
MVP – Santiago Palacio
MIP – Yemo Koo
Coach’s Award – Atticus Cain

JV Girls Touch
MVP – Chau Nguyen
MIP – Sarah Balsamo
Coach’s Award – Anna Throne

JV Boys Rugby
MVP – Shea Busaidy
MIP – Ruben Ng
Coach’s Award – Ummi Ioka

Varsity Girls Tennis
MVP – Rena Fukuda
MIP – Catherine Hendicott
Coach’s Award – Lisa Ekhed

Varsity Boys Tennis
MIP – Leif Lindberg
MIP – Maarten De Lege
Coach’s Award – Stanley Herold

Varsity Boys and Girls Swim Team
MVP (boys) – Julian Kruz
MVP (girls) – Nadia Redza
MIP (boys) – Forrest Hare
MIP (boys) – Michael Tang
MIP (girls) – Anastasia Marshall
Coach’s Award (both) – Hirona Morihisa

Varsity Girls Basketball
MVP – Hannah May
MIP – Naeema Hopkins-Kotb
Coach’s Award – Marthanne Davis

Varsity Boys Basketball
MVP – Yun Jie Wong
MIP – Jih-Ming Lim
Coach’s Award – Nicholas Hong Xin Tan

Varsity Girls Touch
MVP – Sol Aguero
MIP – India Cooper
Coach’s Award – Susanna Hyvonen

Varsity Boys Rugby
MVP – Faegan Jin Hon Ng
MIP – Ryan Thomas
Coach’s Award – Joshua Chesson