Valentine’s Day: Is it worth it?

val-dayYesterday was Valentine’s, and whether you’re in a relationship, married or single, this day is supposed to be the day to show your love to your significant other, family and friends. Some people believe that this day truly represents love and all it’s greatness, while others just see this day as ordinary.

At ISKL Valentines was organised by Kids 4 Kids, spreading the love by selling Valentine’s candy-grams. One could buy Roses, Kit Kats and kisses. This valentine’s day was also a spirit day, in which a large amount of students dressed up in pink, red or white.

Different people have different opinions on Valentine’s, Diane 19’ says “I think that it’s a good day to celebrate love. We could live without it of course, since we celebrate every other holiday by giving gifts, but Valentine’s is specifically for the one you love”

Kyu Jin ’19 says, “The idea of a dedicated day to celebrate your love for someone is a great idea, and is exactly why we celebrate Valentine’s”.

On the other hand Nani ’19 says, “I don’t really know. Valentine’s Day seems like more of an obligation, but of course it’s fun to celebrate if you have someone to celebrate with.”

Aisyah ’19 expresses “Valentines is just another normal day, it’s just like a commercial holiday for shops to earn money. I believe there are so many other way you can express you love someone without spending a fortune”.

 Valentine’s Day flowers began as a tradition in the 17th century, since roses, which represent love, were the flowers of choice for the Day. Chocolate became the candy of choice for valentine’s because of it’s sweet flavour. Lastly, the most popular and common gift of all, a simple card. The card is the universal gift. It can be personalised to make it just right.

When asked if the money spent on gifts is worth it, Faegan ’18 explains “Valentine’s is very economical, the expensive chocolate you spend on your beloved one could be saved up for something possibly more important. If you love someone, everyday should be Valentine’s day, so yeah, to spend so much money on something is a waste.”

On the other hand Shea ’19 believes its all worth it, in the name of love.  “This day is a great day to change your relationship status”