The revamped Spring Fest



Students along with parents made their way to the field filled with small, intriguing booths. This years spring fest was larger, and louder than any other year. Featuring many clubs, and bands that would ensure the events success.

The field invitingly filled with booths lured both students and parents alike. This years spring fest was an overwhelming success. The event resulted in many satisfied spectators and bands that had performed their best.

5 pm marked the beginning of an eventful and busy evening. The booths ranged from face painting to the selling of plants in order to raise funds for gardening club. There were various food trucks with constant streams of costumers.

While Spring Fest is often simply viewed as an enjoyable festival of sorts its serves many positive purposes. It is a chance for aspiring artists to get the publicity and confidence required in the art industry. Bass guitarist of the Junior Band, Chong Le Huan 18’, expresses that “Spring fest is important for bands that actually want to perform the music that they like”, as bands are difficult to arrange in school and often “don’t get to play much band music like this.”

The night gave way to some moving performances that were remembered long after the event. Spectators gathered on the grass and listened to the stream of student talent.

Additionally Spring Fest provided student led clubs with the opportunity to fundraise. Clubs sold a wide range of products ranging from tie-dyed shirts to cacti. Toko 17’,  part of  Habitat for Humanity states that it is a “place to raise awareness of what we actually do in the club”

One of the organising committee, Temira 19’, says that “the purpose is not only to bring middle and high school students together for a fun, spirited musical event, [but] it also gives clubs an opportunity to fund raise for their clubs and for their profits to go to a good cause.”

More importantly, ISKL’s annual Spring Fest brings together the whole community. “You have so many people coming,” Kathleen 19’, an organiser of the Spring Fest committee says.  “Parents, teachers, we even have kids from middle school coming in and it’s just so much fun to have the whole community here.”